[:de]Doctorate Provisional Year Seminar[:en] Provisional Year Seminar[:]

Jörg KußmaulKonferenzes | Conferences

[:de]University of Auckland, School of Nursing

End of Provisional Year PhD Seminar:
“A comparison of occupational health and safety workplaces and working
conditions with nursing care quality in residential aged care facilities
in New Zealand.”

Joerg’s doctoral research asks the question: Does optimal workplace health, safety and working conditions in residential aged care facilities promote high-quality nursing care for residents?

Workplaces and working conditions for nurses and healthcare assistants in residential aged care facilities are accompanied with high levels of mental stress and strain combined with strong physical demands. Current research indicates a correlation between high rate of sick-leave and poor nursing care quality. A gap has been identified in current research in regards to the need for a better understanding of mental stress and strain factors from the nurses and healthcare assistant’s perspective.

In this seminar, Joerg will present the background to this study, including a recent review of how workplaces and working conditions have been defined. The presentation will also explore his research design for his mixed method study approach.[:]